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The Coffee-Spiked Cake That Spanned Generations (and Families)
By Marilynn Brass • October 12, 2015

Several years ago, my sister Sheila and I lost one of our favorite recipes. Our mother Dorothy's Honey Cake had always been the star of our holiday celebrations, but the handwritten recipe had been misplaced. No matter how many times we tried to substitute other recipes for the Honey Cake, they all fell short—some had the coarse crumb of a bread or the overly-sweet taste of a dessert. None were our mother's.

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The Food Flirts will debut on Friday, July 28th on PBS at 10PM & 10:30PM ET premiering after The Great British Baking Show
 July 11, 2017

Join the Brass sisters a.k.a. THE FOOD FLIRTS, two passionate food explorers of a certain age on a mission to tackle their culinary bucket bite at a time!

In each episode, the ladies 'flirt' their way into chefs' kitchens to discover two ethnically unique and delicious delights, then head home to experiment and create cross cultural culinary mash-ups to tantalize your tastebuds! 

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